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These testimonials are from women Lynn has worked with as their Divorce Doula


In order to respect their privacy , their names are kept anonymous


“My divorce was unusual in that it was long and drawn out, but not particularly combative. My ex just wasn’t moving things along at his end. Lynn helped me set out a few alternative strategies for dealing with him. She also clearly went over my paperwork, thus saving me hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in legal fees…but she also knew which questions needed to be answered by my lawyer. Lynn always anwsered my calls quickly and was able to set up appointments without delay. Now that I’m divorced, Lynn will also be advising me on how to responsibly plan my legal and financial future with my new partner.”


“I knew I wanted to try to resolve my divorce through mediation, but had no idea where to start, how to plan for the negotiations, how to really know what the issues were to work through. I found Lynn at just the right time. Her knowledge , support and encouragement were exactly what I needed. Mediation worked and I am now able to co-parent with my son’s father”


” Lynn provided me with a deep sense of support and empowerment through my whole divorce process. Now, 6 months after the divorce, I can say I am intact and doing well because of the emotional and practical advice that Lynn generously gave.”


“Lynn worked with the learn how to work with my lawyer in the most useful manner, to keep my communications with him concise and effective, helping to keep the fees to a minimum and allowing me to feel that I was more in control of the process.”


“ I want to tell you I feel totally blessed to have you in my life , you are a true inspiration and an angel . “


“When my lawyer gave me the Financial Statements to fill in, I was so overwhelmed and I felt paralyzed. Lynn helped me tackle them, making it easy. Before working with Lynn, I spent hours talking and emailing with my lawyer, racking up huge legal bills. Lynn helped me to prepare for all my meetings and emails with my lawyer to make them more efficient. I know I saved huge amounts of money plus the frustration and grief.”


“The thought of having my two and four year olds go to stay at their fathers’ for the weekend sent my into a panic. Lynn helped me prepare myself emotionally for that time without my children. We planned the whole weekend so I would be busy doing activities for myself. Lynn taught me to use this time to rejuvenate and be an even better parent when I am with my children. Thank you for that gift and everything else you have helped me go through in a very difficult divorce.”


“I wish I had found Lynn earlier in my divorce. By the time I found her, the communication between me and my ex-husband was unbearable. Lynn helped me to really take the time to look at every email I sent to make them as neutral as possible, to keep down my stress and the hostility. Amazingly, six months later , my ex and I are able to work together most of the time to make the best decisions for our three children.”


“I knew I wanted to separate from my common law partner, but had no idea where to start. Lynn educated me on all the different processes and helped me figure out which would be best for my situation. She helped me find a collaborative lawyer, a property appraiser, and even a mover. She helped me with all the logistical work, but more importantly, with the emotional challenges. She taught me how to “uncouple” (as she calls it). I am so happy with my new life. Every woman needs a Divorce Doula. Thank you Lynn”